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Kate Bird at Colour me Kate
For women over 40
searching for their missing identity.
In Colour. In Style. With Confidence.
Is this you?
  • You've hit middle age and you're completely confused
    as to how you're supposed to dress your changing body shape.

  • You've hit middle age and you're wearing more blacks (greys, beiges, whites and blues) because it feels, well, safer.

  • You've hit middle age and your current wardrobe looks like it belongs to someone with multiple personalities.

  • You've hit middle age but you don't want to dress like your daughter, but you really don't want to be dressing like you mother either.

Here's how I can help you

Colour Analysis

Learn which colours make you look more youthful, healthier and instantly more confident.  And receive your own swatch of colours to help with clothes shopping.  


Dressing your Body Shape & Proportions

Understand your body shape, your vertical proportions and the bits of your body that make clothes shopping tricky.  Learn which clothing styles suit you best, where to end hem lines, and so much more!

Creating your Personal Style

Dig deep into your true self and then discover the designs and styles of clothing that will truly reflect who you are at this point in your life and feel 'right' when you wear them.

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Pop your booking straight into my diary:
Menopausing in Style
Oh wait! 
I haven't introduced myself...

I'm Kate, and I'm a mid-fifties, Personal Colour & Image Stylist who helps women who are half way through their lives work out how to dress themselves again. 


You know when you hit peri-menopause and everything starts to change?  Yes?  That!

I've worked with more than 900 women to reclaim their identity by showing them how to wear colours that make them look amazing, and clothing styles that flatter their body shape and make them feel more youthful.

The podcast
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