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About Kate

Once upon a time, quite a long time ago, there was a rather ordinary, lacking-in-confidence adolescent who was feeling really rather frumpy, lumpy and lost.  (Yes. Me.)


I was confused when it came to choosing clothing styles for myself.  I turned to fashion magazines for help - but they just added to my confusion. 


Then I tried wearing the styles that looked a-ma-zing on my friends but, for reasons I couldn't fathom, they looked hideous, or worse, comical on me.  

I had no sense of my personal style and, looking back, I dressed much older than my young years.


Then, when I was in my early twenties, my shy, introverted mother did something quite uncharacteristic and joined a six week course to learn about her colours and how to dress with style.

​Well, I could barely believe my mother's transformation and watched in fascination as she literally began to rebrand herself.  She found herself fielding compliments and receiving the most unexpected {yet secretly welcome} attention.

I began to adopt some of the teachings she brought home and slowly started buying clothes that made me feel prouder, smarter, more interesting - and happier.

From this point on, my interest (read obsession) in the relationship between our physical appearance and our mental and emotional esteem flourished.

Today, with my obsession still very much alive and well, I work with women to help them to discover their own sense of personal style and self esteem.


I thrive on working with women in small business (like me), as well as with individual women, both online and in-person. 


Oh, and I run the Colour me Kate Recycled Frock Shop (consignment clothing) from the beautiful Perth Hills suburb of Darlington.   

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Sandy Taylor, Mt Helena

My style consultation with Kate has been so good for my confidence! After our value-packed session, I feel so much more confident about choosing the right colour and style clothes for work. If like me, your 'mother shaped' body is here to stay, and you find yourself frumping around in activewear because nothing in your wardrobe seems to fit properly anymore, I can't recommend Kate's service highly enough. Not only is she kind and funny, but she's chock full of good ideas.

Janet Kalmund, Albany

My one-on-one colour session with Kate was so positive and informative.  I love my colour swatch and can't wait to go shopping with it, and the additional information regarding colour value and contrast was an absolute bonus in regards to how to wear my colours.

If you're thinking of having a colour consuoltation, treat yourself and come and see Kate. 

Karen H-C, Northam

Kate is so lovely and really knows her stuff! I had a great few hours learning all about how to enhance my features through clothes, glasses, hair colour and makeup so that people see me more than the outfit I'm wearing. I never go anywhere without my handbag sized colour guide now and have had a fantastic time spending very little in the op shop to overhaul my wardrobe!!

I highly recommend you spend some time with
Colour me Kate either as a group or a private consult.

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