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About Kate

Kate Bird
Colour & Image Stylist

Once upon, a time a very long time ago, there was a rather ordinary adolescent who really disliked the way her body shape was evolving.  Yep, me.  

My hips and thighs were way too wide for my liking and I spent the next couple of decades trying to hide this part of my body - which I called my 'saddle bags'.

Then, not long after, my shy and reserved mother did something quite uncharacteristic and joined a six week course to learn about her colours and how to dress her body shape.

Well, I could barely believe my mother's transformation and watched in fascination as she literally began to rebrand herself; having to field compliments and receive the most unexpected {yet secretly welcome} attention.

From this point on, my interest (read obsession) in the relationship between our physical appearance and our mental and emotional esteem flourished.

With my obsession still very much alive and healthily growing, I work with women from my recycled clothing shop in the Perth Hills - as well as online which enables me to help those who are a little further afield.  

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