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Hi there!
I'm Kate Bird and I'm not your typical stylist.

I'm a mid-aged introvert
(who operates on short bursts of high energy)

I'm not a stick-insect
(read: cuddly)

I don't wear black
(literally none in my wardrobe)

I'm intuitive and empathetic
(love to dig down into the core of people)

I love people who are able to laugh at themselves
(self-deprecation is one of my values) 

I believe a good cup of tea can solve most problems
(you can take the Englishwoman out of England...)

And if tea fails - bring Prosecco.
(chin chin!!!)

Colour me Kate.jpg
Everyone's got a back-story.
This is a bit of mine...

It all started on a dreary English day back in the early 1990s when my shy fifty-something mother uncharacteristically took herself off on a course to learn how to wear colours and styles that flattered her.

Well!  What a transformation; she totally re-invented herself!   

So then I was hooked by the magic of that transformation - and years later I qualified to become an Image Consultant so I could create this magic myself.​

* * * * *​

In the meantime I emigrated to Australia, worked in marketing communications
and public relations, met my husband, got married and had children, but that burning interest in personal styling grew and grew and eventually burst out of me! 


* * * * *​

Since starting Colour me Kate I've worked with hundreds of women on their transformations by teaching them how to wear colour and styles that seem to switch a light on inside them.​  It's SO rewarding. I now specialise in helping peri/meno women to style themselves for the second half of their lives.

I work from the Colour me Kate Frock Shop which triples as my shop/my office/my styling studio.  And it's very conveniently located just five minutes up the road from my home in Darlington, a beautiful Perth Hills suburb of Western Australia.  

With best wishes,

PS.  Have you listened to The Colour me Kate Podcast yet?

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