About Kate

It all started on a dreary, grey day in England back in the early 1990s when my shy, introverted mother, uncharacteristically took herself off on a three week course to learn how to wear colours and styles that flattered her.

Well!  What a transformation!  Not only in my mother's appearance, but something inside changed too.  

So then I was hooked by the magic of that transformation - and years later I qualified to become an Image Consultant myself.

* * * * *

Since then, I've worked with hundreds of women on their personal colour, style and image over the years from the Colour me Kate Styling Studio in Darlington, Western Australia.  And I love every moment.  It's such a buzz watching the transformation as they step into a style that is truly them!  

I've since created The Bird Factor, my signature online styling system to take you from the building blocks of your style - your body - through to understanding your unique personality and aligning your personal style with it.  Then to learning which colours look fabulous on you is the cherry on the icing on the cream on the cake!

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