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Having your colours 'done' is going to blow your mind! 


Well, maybe not literally, but it will certainly improve your clothes shopping experience and help you to be able to mix and match the clothes in your wardrobe.

On a Private Colour Consultation, you'll learn:

  • How to draw attention up to your face

  • Which colours make your skin glow

  • Which colours make your eyes 'pop'

  • How to look taller and slimmer - or shorter and curvier

  • How to wear colour to reflect your personality or mood

  • Hot to choose make-up and hair colours to flatter you

  • How to choose patterned clothes

  • How to use your swatch of colours when out shopping

A Private Colour Consultation runs for around two hours and takes place at the Colour me Kate Recycled Clothing boutique in the Perth Hills suburb of Darlington. 

Whilst on your consultation, the shop will be closed to the public and you will enjoy having the shop and all its colourful clothes and accessories to yourself.

You can choose one of three ways to have your colours 'done':

  1. Privately, just you and Kate.

  2. In a group of between three and six friends.

  3. By joining a scheduled How to Wear Colour Workshop.


Just click on the red box below to find out more or to book a date.  Or click here for information on Style Consultations.

Private Colour Consultation


(includes swatch and colour notes)

Private Colour Party

(includes swatch and colour notes)

Scheduled Colour Workshop

(includes swatch and colour notes)

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