Work with Colour me Kate on your busines
Let's work on your image in your business
Before we go any further,
let's make sure we're a good fit!

Let's see...

  1. You're an entrepreneurial woman in small business and really good at what you do.

  2. You feel pretty uncomfortable and awkward about your physical image.

  3. You know that if you had the courage to be the face of your business you'd attract waaay more of your ideal clients.

I knew it!!  We're a GREAT fit!  

People do business with people.

Of course they need to love what you offer too, but deep down, they're really buying YOU.

​We humans thrive on making connections with each other - it makes our dopamine levels soar.

If your ideal client see you to feel a connection with you, you run the risk of them leaving your page and go looking elsewhere.  (Insert sharp intake of breath here.)

So let's detoxify your perception of your image and give you (and your business) a high-dose injection of physical CONFIDENCE.

Let's get you so confident with your image that you will be jumping in front of the nearest camera to be the face of your business. 


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