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Learn how to be the confident face of your business
And start magnetising your Ideal Clients
How do you know if you need help with your Personal Image Branding?

So, let's see.  Does this sound anything like you?

  • You're a solo businesswoman building an empire that you LOVE!  {Go you!  Great job!}

  • You're about 5-10kgs heavier than you'd like to be, or have some other physical dislike about yourself, so you're literally hiding behind your business because you just feel too damn uncomfortable to be the face of it.  {And we both know that's not doing your business any favours.}


  • You have absolutely no idea what to wear to be the confident face of your business - let alone for photos of you that might sit on your website for all the world to see. {The very thought has you clutching at your pearls.}


  • You don't even know where to start with any of this Image Branding stuff, so you shove the very thought of it right to the bottom of the pile where you can't see it.  {Ostrich?  Who you??}

It's OK.  As someone who is carrying a few too many extra kilos, and who is very introverted, believe me when I say I feel your angst

Empire Pastry girls outside kitchen.jpg
Empire Pastry girls outside kitchen.jpg

We met Kate when we were looking to give our business a new direction. Her patience, kindness and wonderful eye certainly helped our journey to where we are. Without Kate we still would be floundering as to which way to go!

Getting our colours done and learning how that portrayed us as women in business was very important and Kate did it so well.


She organised for us to have a photo session and held our hands when we were outside our comfort zones.


She empowered us to move forward with our business with confidence, grace and style.


We would thoroughly recommend Kate and her Personal Image Branding package.

Cath and Meg, Empire Pastry DARLINGTON WA

What the bloody hell is
Personal Branding anyway?



  • clever logos

  • fancy colour palettes

  • beautiful graphic designs.



The way I see it, Personal Branding is the DNA of your Personality and how well you interpret that in your business.  

It's the quirks and interests and idiosyncracies that make up you.

It's your likes, your dislikes, the way you decorate your home, what you like to eat, what you enjoy doing in your spare time. 


And your Personal Image Branding is what you wear, how you wear it, and understanding what those clothes are saying about your and your business.


Nailing your Personal Branding in your business is what makes passing clients stop and give you a double take.  It's about aligning all the values of your business with everything that makes you YOU.

It's when your business is so consistently tuned in to the DNA of your Personality that you have to stop and wonder how you came to be such an Ideal Client magnet!

If those elusive ideal clients feel a connection with you, they're much more likely to buy from you.  

And the first thing your passing clients see is how you've presented yourself - your clothes, your style, and the colours you're wearing.  {Eeek!}

​So, how well is your personal image aligning with your business branding? 

I can take you from feeling "blaaaah", to discovering your own unique Personal Image Brand. 


You'll be feeling confident enough to book a branding photo shoot before you know it!

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