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Go Figure!

The step-by-step, self-paced, online course to dressing YOUR body shape.


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Who's this course for?

Well, it's for you if...
  • You've ever stood in front of the mirror wondering how your body came to look like this. 

  • You ask yourself: When did things change?  It's like you woke up one morning and the body in the mirror suddenly looked strangely unfamiliar.

  • You always buy clothes in a similar shape.  They used to look good on you.  How come they're so unflattering now? 

  • You realise those styles you used to like, you just can't wear anymore.  So what are you supposed to wear?

  • You feel so uncomfortable with how you look.  When you get an invitation to go out, you know you'll end up feeling frumpy and mumsy so it's easier just to stay home.

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Quote Mark
I know exactly what suits me

I now know why certain clothes/jewellery didn't look right on me, even though they looked great on others! I know exactly what suits me and have found the confidence I have always been missing. Kate is such a fountain of knowledge and is so personable and lovely.  Love, love, love and can't speak highly enough of the experience.


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I feel totally lost.
Getting dressed shouldn't be this  confusing.  I just need someone to tell me what to do.
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What if I could wave a magic wand and take you from this:

Feeling fed up, and confused by how your body has changed over the years, and being completely overwhelmed by all the different shapes and sizes of clothes in the shops.

To this:

Strutting with sassy confidence into clothes shops and knowing EXACTLY what styles of clothes to pull off the rails and try on.  If there's nothing that will suit you in a shop, you can save yourself the bother and walk straight out and try another shop.

You no longer umm and ahhh over clothes, unsure whether they look great or look downright dowdy on you.  You can buy exciting new clothes with a fresh new eye and a sense of fun.

I'm in!
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Quote Mark
Easy to listen to

Thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and the information given.  Kate is lovely and very personable and easy to listen to.  I learned so much and look forward to using the knowledge and learn to redo my wardrobe and look and feel fabulous.


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Say hello to
Go Figure!

This self-paced online course gives you an easy-to-follow, step-by-step formula to dressing YOUR body shape.

You'll get access to LOTS of short tutorial videos along the way to help you to be able to fully apply the content to your body.

Also included is a playbook (a workbook, but more fun!) that's packed with information and room for you to add your own body shape notes. 


By the end of this course you will:

  • Break through the stories you've carried around that might have influenced your clothing choices. We'll start by digging deep to really understand that hang-ups you have with your body.

  • Understand exactly what shape your body is and which styles of clothes help to visually balance out your wider parts with your narrower parts.

  • Figure out your vertical proportions: Is your torso longer than your legs, or vice versa?  What does this mean when it comes to choosing skirt, trouser or jacket  lengths?

  • Know what size patterns and prints to wear so that you're wearing the patterns - and not being overwhelmed by the patterns wearing you!

  • Finally know how to dress all those niggly bits that you spend so much time hating: a bottom that's too big; a bottom that's too flat; wobbly upper arms; full thighs; a rounded tummy; big boobs; or a lack of boobs.  Whatever your love-to-hate problem area, you'll have solutions to dress it in a more balanced way.

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How to buy this course:
This course, with lots and lots of fun, tutorial-type videos, as well as pages and pages of juicy information in the Playbook, could be winging its way to your email inbox right now!

Ready to get stuck in?

All you need to do is click on this payment
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Go Figure! is different from any
other course on the market because...

1.  You get instant access!  You don't have to wait for each chapter in this course to be drip-fed to your inbox.  You can devour it all over one binge-sitting weekend, or stretch it out for as long as you like with no pressure for you to speed up or slow down your progress.

2.  It's fun.  Even though talking about our bodies and their shapes can be a really private, personal and sometimes intimidating experience, this course is presented from a place of fun, compassion and I've-got-your-back ness.

3.  Not only do you get over 80 pages in your Workbook that literally takes you step-by-step through the chapters, each chapter is accompanied by at least one video tutorial.  (Remember those books you could get as a child that came with a vinyl record or CD (depending upon your age) so you could listen to the story while you read along? Well, a bit like that!)

4.  It's run by me, Kate, and I'm a Personal Stylist with nearly a decade of experience in working with hundreds of women on their image.  And the feedback I've consistently got back over the years is that I'm warm, entertaining (their words, not mine!), knowledgeable and respectful.  

What's in the course?
The Go Figure! course is made up of six chapters. 

Each chapter focuses on one particular aspect of your body - and how you can best dress it.

Each of the six chapters has at least one video giving you an in-person explanation of the theory, as well as exercises to help you learn and lots of snippets of insider-tips along the way.

Go Figure! is packed to the brim with useable information and presented in an easy-to-follow, fun style.
Chapter 1

You and Your Body

Let's explore the relationship your have with your body shape

Chapter 4

Curves, Angles,
Patterns, Prints

Do you look better in curves or angles?  And what size prints or patterns suit you best?

Chapter 2

Identify your
Body Shape

Which of the seven body shapes most resembles yours?

Chapter 5

Necklines and Hemlines

Which shape necklines are most flattering to your face?  And where should you end all the hemlines of your clothes?

Chapter 3

Clothing Styles
for You

which clothing styles best flatter your body shape?


Chapter 6

The Bits you
Love to Hate

A look at how you can dress your 'problem' areas to help you love them more.

Our beautiful bodies: They're so deserving of deep gratitude.  Let's give them the love and attention they deserve.
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Is this you right now..?

You hate seeing pictures of yourself!  You feel 'blaah'self-critical and don't feel good in anything you wear. 

Your wardrobe is full of orphans (clothes that don't seem to go with anything else).  Nothing feels comfortable any more.  Nothing feels RIGHT.

Nothing fits you right anymore.  OK, so you were never  Supermodel material, but you used to love getting dressed up to go out on the town.  Half the fun was the getting-ready time.  But now: what's the point?  Nothing looks as good on you as it used to.

Quote Mark
(feel) good about the body you have

After I had my kids, I couldn't really work out what to do with my new body.
I became a Mum and suddenly I didn't know what to wear!  Doing this (with Kate) makes you feel confident and good about the body you have right now.


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One payment = Instant access to everything

Ready to get stuck in?
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Hi there! 

Kate here.

I'm a Personal Colour & Image Stylist - which is basically a fancy way to describe someone who works with women to change or improve how they dress. 

Over the past (nearly) decade, I've helped literally hundreds of women learn how to dress their bodies and wear colour, so they have the confidence to really step into themselves and 'own it', as they say!

I've rejoiced with (sometimes weeping) women as they've begun to see how wearing certain colours, or particular styles of clothes can knock years off them and have them feel like dancing in front of the mirror.

Located in the Colour me Kate Style Studio in the Perth Hills of Western Australia, I see clients in person as well as helping those further afield through online courses like this.

Some inane trivia about me:

  • I'm a big-time introvert and love it when parties get cancelled. (Shhh!)

  • I have sensory issues and don't much like physical touch.

  • I'm a strong believer that a good cup of tea can solve most problems.

  • I have what some might call an 'inappropriate' sense of humour!

Shall we work together?  I'd certainly love to!  

Until then, with best wishes,

Kate Bird_edited.png
Still on the fence?
Well, this is NOT for you if...
  • You LOVE everything you wear

  • You feel fabulous every time you go out.

  • Have ZERO doubts about your clothes or your figure.

  • Regularly receive compliments on how you look.

  • You generally feel a million dollars in your clothes.

On the other hand,
it might well be for you if...
  • You're sick of the sight of everything in your wardrobe.

  • You wander aimlessly around the shops with no idea which styles of clothes are YOU anymore.

  • You wonder when clothes shopping became so depressing - it used to be fun.

  • You realise your body has changed so much over the past few years; what with children/menopause/eating too much chocolate!

  • You're not sure if you're lamb, mutton or a wolf in sheep's clothing.  You refused to be labelled anyway, you just want to feel like YOU.

Now let's imagine, after Go Figure!...

You get up in the morning and open your wardrobe doors.  And then you chuckle to yourself thinking, "silly me!" because you remember that last night you already hung out today's outfit

You get dressed in record time and take one final look in the mirror before leaving the house.  You love how you look!  Everything fits so comfortably and perfectly.  

You wonder whether you might have lost a couple of pounds because wearing these clothes it sure looks like you have.

You head out for the day.  Your head is proudly held high.  Your neighbour catches your eye, smiles and waves.  That feels good; she never normally notices you.

At lunchtime you're feeling so good that you treat yourself to something deliciously healthy - you're now the kind of person who deserves to nurture their wonderful body.

All day people have been complimenting you on how you're looking.  It's such a morale booster and makes you feel a sense of warmth for your fellow humans.

Later on you go home to your family and you notice they're treating you a tiny bit differently; with more respect and consideration.  You're being noticed.  You feel a confident and worthy member of society and others are responding to this new sense of yourself.

You can't wait to share your secret with all your friends.  

You're finally the sassy bird you always knew you were!

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  • How long will it take me to get through this course?
    Hmm, that very much depends on how much concentrated time you give it! You could work through it over a few hours in one binge-sitting, or you could spread it out and read all the information and listen to all the videos over the course of a couple of weeks. How long it will take is really up to you.
  • How long do I get access?
    Once you've downloaded the course, you'll have it for as long as it's saved on your computer!

Kate Bird

Personal Colour & Image Stylist

Colour me Kate

2 Montrose Avenue


Western Australia 6070

phone: +61 (0)402 039 261

Copyright: Colour me Kate 2022.

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