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Wherever you are in the world, as long as you have an internet connection (and you speak English!) we can work together just as easily as we could sitting next to each other.

I'm located in the beautiful Perth Hills village of Darlington, in Western Australia. 


Where are you?

All you need to do is decide if you want to learn to dress for your business, know the colours that will make you look amazing, or understand your body shape and style personality? 

Then, when that decision is made, we'll schedule a couple of Zoom sessions and have you looking fabulous-with-ease (fabulease??) before you can say, "Help me, Kate!".

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Colour me Kate Dress my Business

This is a unique service that takes you, a female entrepreneur, from the 'safeness' of hiding behind your business, to the 'sensational' feeling of being the confident face of your business.

I will take you from where you are today, right through the whole process until we reach the end of your 'totally you' branded photo shoot.

If you recognise the importance of attracting the perfect clients to your business, this service is for you!

Your Colours on line

You sit in your home, I'll sit in my office and, despite our geographical distance, I'll let you know which colours suit you.  (Yes!  It genuinely can be done!)

You'll learn everything that you would otherwise have learnt on an in-person Private Colour Consultation (except I won't be able to apply makeup to your face - for obvious reasons!)

An on line Colour Consultation takes place over the course of two or three sessions and you'll finish with your own swatch of perfect colours.


$275 - Approx two hours

Colour me Kate Online Colours
Colour me Kate Online Style

Your Style on line

If you're not sure how to dress your body shape, have no idea what your style personality is, or have certain body 'assets' you wish you knew how to disguise, this is the service for you!


You'll learn everything you'd otherwise cover on an in-person Style Consultation.

​An on line Style Consultation takes place over two, one hour sessions


​We can even have a peek into your wardrobe if we have the time!


​$275 - Approx two hours 

Virtual Wardrobe Audit

Prop me up on your bed (via your iPad, iPhone or laptop) and let's spend the next hour sorting through your wardrobe.

By the end of our session you'll have a pile of clothes to donate or discard, some outfit combinations you might not realise you had - and a much tidier wardrobe!

$175 - Approx one and a half hours

Colour me Kate Virtual Wardrobe Audit

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