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Colour on line

An on line Colour consultation is broken up into two, one hour Zoom sessions.  (Although this doesn't include the fun I have working on your consultation over the time we're not on line together!)

And once you've completed your on line consultations, you'll be invited to join my secret Facebook Group: The Colour me Kate Private Dressing Room.  This is where you can experiment with all that you've learned in a safe and supportive environment.

Scroll down to check out the step by step process of how the on line Colour consultations work.

Duration:  Two to three hours.
Cost:  $275 (includes swatch, notes and postage)

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I will ask you to send me some photos of yourself taken in good natural daylight so that I can make my assessment to determine whether you have a cool or warm undertone to your skin. (I will email you step-by-step instructions on how to take the best pictures for my purposes).

Once I've received your photos, I can get to work on my analysis of your natural colouring and which one of my 18 colour swatches will be most flattering for you.



We will meet up over Zoom for our first session so I can see you 'in person', confirm my analysis.  

Now that I can see you 'for real', I will go through the swatch I've chosen for you and stick coloured dots on your 'wow factor' colours.

(At this point, it's also useful for me to be able to chat with you to find out more about what you're hoping to achieve, your relationship with the colours in your wardrobe, your lifestyle, etc.)



Now that I have confirmed my analysis, I can pop your swatch of colours (with their coloured dots), and notes, into the mail so that you'll have your swatch in front of you when we have our second Zoom session.  


We meet again over Zoom.


Now we can discuss how you can wear the colours in your swatch and how to combine colours in your outfits so that you'll literally not be able to wait to hit the clothes shops! 

And now that you've completed your on line Colour consultation, I can invite you to join my secret Facebook group: The Colour me Kate Private Dressing Room.



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