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Reclaim your youthful confidence by wearing colours that will have you
looking brighter, healthier and more alive!

The          Online
Colour Course
8 week


I'm so sorry
the June 2023 Course is

But you can join the Waitlist for the next so you'll be the first to know when doors for Registration are open again (probably around September 2023)

This is for you if:

You've always wanted to get your colours 'done',
but you've just never got around to it


you had it done when you were in your twenties but
you know those colours aren't right for you anymore.

. . .

You feel dowdy and frumpy and wonder where the

real 'you' went.

. . .

You're sick of wearing blacks, neutrals and perhaps the occasional blue because it feels 'safe'.

. . .

You swing between feeling indignant that you seem to have become invisible to the rest of the world


wanting to become totally invisible and hide away.

. . .

You're actually scared of what you might hear on a colour analysis in case you're told to get rid of
literally everything in your wardrobe.

I'm a 5 min video
Colour me Kate Online Colour Course YouTube.png
Yesterday (...) I was stopped four times, mostly by strangers, and complimented on my outfit, specifically and intentionally chosen with 'my' colours.

Thank you for giving me the tools to feel confident again, Kate.

Live the
rest of 
your life
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What's covered on this Course?
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The pre-course Colour Analysis

You'll send me photos.  I'll analyse your natural colouring.

Then you'll receive your colour swatch by mail.


Your Colours Explained

What makes your colours RIGHT for you.

And discover the WOW colours in your swatch

Fashion store

Your Neutrals and How to
Wear Them

Why your colours are
nothing without your neutrals.

Glasses Fitting

Jewellery & Glasses

Discover your most flattering  jewellery colours and metallics.  

And learn how to choose your perfect glasses colours.

Pink Lipstick


Feel more confident in wearing makeup once you know which colours to buy.

From eyes to skin, and lips to nails - all  in colours to flatter.

Hair Dying


How do you know if you're dyeing your hair in a colour that suits you?

Learn which colours will compliment your complexion.

Eyes and Brows

Eyes & Skin

Discover which colour in your swatch will draw people into your eyes.  

And which colours make your skin look sunkissed and healthy.

Green Dress

Prints & Patterns

Do you get confused about what sort of prints and patterns look good on you?


You'll find the answer here - and understand why.

Young Woman

Combining Colours in Outfits

Find out how many colours you can wear in one outfit.

And how to combine your swatch colours in outfits.

Striped Garments

How to Shop
for Clothes

Now that you have your own swatch of colours, you'll learn how to use it when shopping for clothes. 

Did you know that your swatch is a colour magnet?

Woman in Underwear

Colours to Change your Body Shape

Slimmer, taller, curvier or shorter. 

You'll learn how to use the colours in your swatch to give the illusion of changing your body shape.

Headshot Portrait of happy ginger red hair girl with funny face looking at camera. Pastel

What your Colours say 
about YOU?

Other people make judgments on us every day based on how we look.  

Discover how to wear your colours to better reflect your true personality.

Wish I'd done this years ago.  
It would have made dressing and shopping so much easier.  Kate is so lovely, personable and knowledgeable.

How is this Online Course run?
Contact Kate.jpg
A Weekly Overview

This is the eight week course that runs for ten weeks!

The doors to the course will close two weeks before the official start date to allow me to give everyone an online personal colour analysis, plus time for the postage (and receiving) of their own colour swatch.


During that two week lead-time, I will be sending you some bonus information that will help build your confidence in wearing colour and prepare you for the course.

Then we officially start and every week we'll cover a different colour-wearing-topic (as listed in the boxess above).


Each week, these will be delivered to you by:


  • a link to a page with a video from me on the topic

  • PDF notes on the subject

  • audio from the video so you can listen in your car, when cooking, in the bath, etc.

  • a live Zoom call to review the week and Q&As

  • access to a supportive Private Facebook Group made up of your wing-women on the course.

I'm so sorry 
the June 2023 Course is

But you can join the Waitlist for the next so you'll be the first to know when doors for Registration are open again (probably around September 2023)

Great knowledge, applied well.
I'm already feel more confident on which colours to keep, which to cull, and which to shop for.

Who's Kate?
Colour me Kate

I'm Kate Bird, the Kate behind the business Colour me Kate! 


To give you a bit of background, I'm a personal colour & image stylist, having worked with hundreds of women over more than a decade, helping them to dress in a way that makes them feel self-confident and proud to be noticed.  

But colour is my obsession!  

My signature, in-person program, How to Wear Colour, has become so popular that I've realised it's time to offer the program online so that I can help more women, further afield, with their colour confidence.


My business, shop and home are all located in the beautiful Perth Hills of Western Australia.  

It's so awesome to walk into a shop and just scan for colours.  Something that other people knew but I second guessed myself and caused myself anguish! 

Working with you was a Godsend. Will highly recommend you to others.

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2 Montrose Avenue
Darlington, Western Australia 6070

+61 0402 039 261

Copyright: Colour me Kate 2023

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