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How to use your 
Personal Style to Magnetise your Ideal Clients

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How to use your 
Personal Style to Magnetise your Ideal Clients

Hi there!

I'm Kate Bird, Personal Colour & Image Stylist at Colour me Kate.  

I specialise in working with women just like you to help you nail your Personal Style so you can start magnetising your ideal clients!

So, let's see.  Does this sound anything like you:

  • You're a solo businesswoman building an empire that you LOVE!  {Go you!  Great job!}

  • You're literally hiding behind your business because you just feel too damn uncomfortable to be the face of it.  {And we both know that's not doing your business any favours.}


  • You have absolutely no idea what to wear to be the confident face of your business - let alone for photos of you that will sit on your website for all the world to see. {The very thought has you clutching at your pearls.}


  • You don't even know where to start with any of this Image Branding stuff, so you shove the very thought of it right to the bottom of the pile where you can't see it.  {Ostrich?  Who you??}

It's OK.  As someone who is carrying a few too many extra kilos, and who is very introverted, believe me when I say I feel your discomfort in making yourself visible.  

So I've put together a free download to give you some helpful ideas on how you can use your personal style to attract your ideal clients.

Or, if you want to get in touch to see how I can help your image in your business, drop me a message and we can arrange a time to chat.


With best wishes,

Kate Bird

Personal Colour & Image Stylist
Colour me Kate

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