Being stylish is not about being fashionable, although you will learn some useful tips on how to incorporate some current trends into your wardrobe.

Knowing how to combine garments in shapes and fabrics that flatter your body shape is the key to looking stylish and to creating your own individual signature style.

On a Style Consultation you will learn:

  • How to identify your body shape

  • How to look for clothing styles to suit you

  • How to dress to suit your unique personality

  • How to dress the vertical proportions of your body

  • How to choose the right size and shape accessories

  • Which necklines will suit you best

  • Where your hemlines should end

  • Which sleeve lengths are best for you

  • What sort of hairstyle would suit your face shape

  • What shape of glasses would suit you

  • How to inject some current trends into your style

You can choose one of three ways to learn about your style:

  1. Privately, just you and me

  2. In a group of between three and six friends

  3. By joining a scheduled How to Look Stylish Workshop

Achieving your own style needn't break the bank.  It's all about knowing where to shop and what to look for.

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Private Style Consultation

(Includes notes)

Style Party/Group


(Includes notes)

Scheduled Style Workshop


(Includes notes)