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Style Workshop


During this fun and relaxed sesssion, I'll help you dig down into your own unique values, personality, and lifestyle to discover a style that's perfectly aligned wth all elements of you.

You'll learrn: ​

  • Why something that looks great on your friend doesn't feel so great on you.

  • Why you're drawn to some clothing styles, but can't stand others.

  • Why it's important to dress in alignment with your personality.

  • The secret language of your clothes and what they're saying about you (behind your back!).

  • About your Style Archetype and how that will help you when you're out shopping for clothes.

  • How to create outfits that you will love to wear.

Bookings taken for one-to-one sessions, as well as for small groups of up to five ladies.

One-to-one - $285

Small Group - $185 per person (min three/max five)

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Get a clear and focused understanding of your body shape, proportions and 'bits' (those that we usually love to hate), and learn the rules on how to dress your body for a more flattering look.

You'll learn: ​

  • What exactly is your body shape, why it's handy to know it - and, most importantly, how to dress it.

  • What your vertical proportions are - short legs/long legs/short waist/long waist, etc - and how to dress them for better proportional balance.

  • How to choose the right size and shape prints and patterns for your physique.

  • Which neckline shapes will flatter you the most.

  • Where your hemlines will look best on your legs.

  • Which sleeve lengths are most flattering to your body.

  • And other useful tips and snippets of stylish information along the way.

Bookings can be taken for one-to-one sessions as well as for small groups of up to five ladies.

One-to-One - $285
Small group - $185 per person
. (min three/max five)

Body Shape and Proportins
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