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The Colour Club membership
This membership is for you if I've ever done your colours, AND...
  • You were really excited about your new swatch of colours, but you still can't help hesitating when you're in clothes shops because you're just not 100% sure you're getting it right.

  • You love the colours in your swatch but you don't have the confidence to put outfits together.

  • You're disappointed in yourself because you've started to revert back to your old colours even though you know they not doing you any favours.

  • You've forgotten some (or lots) of what I taught you.

  • You want to cull your wardrobe and reduce it to just a few select items in great colours that you can mix and match to create different outfits.

  • You wish you had me in your pocket for regular advice!

Here's what you get in
The Colour Club membership
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A monthly, live Zoom get-together for ongoing support and so you can ask me all your colour-related questions and show me any of your
I'm-not-sure items.  

The live Zoom will be recorded (in case you miss it), and scheduled for the first Thursday of each month at 4pm.

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A private community where you can chat with others who are in the same boat - many of whom will have the same swatch as you. 


And I'll be popping into this community too to give you my advice and suggestions.

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What sort issues could you get help with in The Colour Club membership?

Anything relating to colour
and how YOU can wear it:


  • Clothes

  • Makeup

  • Hair dyes

  • Shoes

  • Handbags

  • Accessories 

  • Glasses - prescriptions and sunnies

  • Combining your colours in outfits

  • Colours to alter your body shape

  • Colours to communicate your personality.

I encourage you to bring any questions or discussions into the membership that has anything to do with wearing the colours in YOUR swatch.

How much to join?
Just $17 (AUD) per month

(That's only 57c per day!)

Easy to join and just as easy to leave.  Cancel any time. 
No more payments.  

It's that simple.

Join The Colour Club

The Pay Now button above will take you to a secure page where you can leave your card details.  

After that, you'll have access and $17 will be deducted from your that card number on this day every month - until you say stop.

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Any questions?

Don't be shy. 

After all, we're already friends!

Kate Bird
Personal Colour & Style Specialist
Colour me Kate
2 Montrose Avenue
Western Australia 6070
Text: 0402 039 261
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Copyright: Colour me Kate 2023

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