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Right now, as we 'speak', I'm busy creating the Colour me Kate clothing label for you! 


Inspired by the frustrations and wishes of women I've worked with over the past decade, the label will hot the spot whatever your colouring or body shape.


The garments will be designed in natural fabrics and in a variety of styles to suit a broad range of body shapes. 


So, you'll be able to shop in person or online according to your personal colouring and shape.


What to be the first to hear when the label is ready?

Colour me Kate Frocks
What will
they be like?

Starting off with two dresses, one top, one pair of pants, and a duster coat, the Colour me Kate garments will be made of colourful, natural fabrics in styles and fabrics designed to 'start a conversation'.  

Oh, and they'll all have sleeves, in-seam pockets, and a generous seam allowance to enable easy alterations for a perfect individual fit.

Can't wait to share the first garments with you!


Colour me Kate sign-off
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