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Virtual Wardrobe Audit

When you get in touch to book a Virtual Wardrobe Audit, I send you a Zoom link for a date and time that suits us both.  During this initial contact, I'll ask you about your lifestyle, your personality, your current relationship with your wardrobe and what you're hoping to achieve from this on line session.


Just before our Zoom time, simply prop me up (via your laptop/iPad/phone) somewhere in your bedroom or wardrobe where I will have a clear view of you and your clothes.


Now it's time to get busy!  I will guide you through the process of sorting through the clothes in your wardrobe. We'll assess each item as we go; and I might ask you to try something on to check it for fit.   

You'll be surprised how quickly our session will go. And I guarantee you'll have a big pile of clothes that you are happy to donate, sell and/or discard at the end.


After you've completed this process, you'll have a much better idea of any 'gaps' in your wardrobe, how you might combine items to create different outfits, and you'll have a wardrobe full of clothes you can enjoy wearing.


Duration:  One and a half hours.

Cost:  $175.

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