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Where's my Waist with Kate Bird
The online course
to knowing how to choose
flattering clothes when your
waistline has gone AWOL!
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Next course starts Saturday 3rd August
This 10 day course is for you if:
  • You've found hitting peri/menopause has cast an evil spell on your body and you're only wearing loose tops these days because at least they cover your widening mid-section and multi-roll stomach. 

  • You wish someone would just tell you the new rules to dressing your changing body shape.

  • You waste too many frustrated minutes every morning staring at all the clothes in your wardrobe you just can't do up anymore.  

  • You find yourself wearing more black (greys, dark colours and neutrals) these days because you think (hope) it will make you look slimmer.  Or, even better, invisible.

You're not alone...

I regularly hear ladies who are over forty despairing that their bodies  are now a size or two larger than they have ever been in their life before. 


Often they'll tell me they weigh more now than they did when they were nine months pregnant (I'm putting my hand up here!).  And it mostly sits stubbornly between our boobs and our hips. 

Just this morning (as I write this), I had a lovely lady in my shop talking about her body and she said, "What the hell happened?!".  

The dressing habits and styles we had pre-forties no longer work for us.

Colour me Kate services
But here's the good news...

I have exactly what you need!

My 'Where's my Waist' online course will take you from staring despairingly at yourself in the mirror each morning, to being a woman who knows exactly what styles of clothes to look for to flatter your spreading midsection - in just 10 days. 

I'll show you the styles and cuts of clothes to look out for in the shops,
as well as in your wardrobe. 

Getting dressed will be a simple, happy and effortless process every day.

Colour me Kate Frock Shop skirts online
By the end of this course you'll be  able to:
  • Walk into a shop and go straight to a top / pair of trousers / skirt / dress and immediately see, just by looking at it, if it's going to give you a waistline.

  • Go through all the clothes in your wardrobe that have been unworn and neglected for so long - and move them on.

  • Feel comfortable and confident in the clothes you wear and not feel any self-body-shame.

  • Feel that you've got your body back and ready to embrace the second half of your fabulous life!

This course will help YOU by:
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  • Sharing more than twenty, short and  easy-to-follow videos showing exactly what design elements to look for in different clothing categories. 

  • Each category (listed below) has its own collection of short videos with simple to follow pointers on what to look out for that will be more flattering  - as well as what to avoid.  

        *  Tops
         *  Skirts
         *  Trousers
         *  Dresses


  • Being able to work through the course whilst having me in your pocket (for 10 consecutive days in our our Where's my Waist private Facebook Group).

  • Being part of an amazing community of women in the same boat who are struggling with the same issues as you. 

  • Encouraging your great sense of humour and fun, and your compassion and support of others in the frustrating situation we've all found ourselves in.

Let's not grieve for what we've lost;
let's celebrate what we have -
and dress it cleverly!
Bird's Eye View:
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You'll go from thinking this...

I have that sinking feeling whenever I get asked out somewhere.  What on earth am I going to wear?  Nothing fits anymore. Everyone else will look great and I'll just look frumpy and middle aged - or worse: pregnant.

Who am I kidding... I know I'm going to end up wearing my loose-fitting black dress/top/pants that has become my staple outfit these days.


At least black covers all my problem areas - and it goes with everything.  

Doesn't it?

Or maybe I just won't go...

Kate in black in horror_edited.jpg

To thinking this...

I just can't stop feeling so bloody pleased with myself!

My body isn't that bad after all.  I just needed to understand how to dress its changing shape.  

I haven't felt this good about myself in... well, I can't remember...

All the internal stress of getting dressed each morning has melted away.

I even love being asked out and find myself mentally planning my outfit with excitement!

Kat in red - hugging self with excitement.jpg

What other people are saying:


Wish I'd done this (consultation) years ago.

It would have made dressing and shopping so much easier.


 Kate is so lovely, personable and knowledgeable.


Yesterday (...) I was stopped four times, mostly by strangers, and complimented on my outfit, specifically and intentionally chosen with 'my' colours.

Thank you for giving me the tools to feel confident again, Kate.


It's so awesome to walk into a shop and just scan for (clothes).  Something that other people knew but I second guessed myself and caused myself anguish!


Working with you was a Godsend. Will highly recommend you to others.

You pay $99 AUD
(for over $800 worth of value)

A one-off payment of $99 (AUD) gets you:

  • Over thirty short videos

  • Access to me for the whole 10 days of the course

  • Access to the Where's my Waist private Facebook page

  • Four separate Workbooks to cement your learnings

  • A supportive community of other women who are struggling with the same dressing issues as you.

Hi!  I'm Kate...

... and I'm a middle-aged woman in my mid-fifties with a body shape that doesn't resemble the body I've been familiar with dressing for most of the rest of my life!

Can you relate?

I'm also a qualified Image Consultant and have worked with hundreds and hundreds (and hundreds) of women over the past decade to help them dress in a way that feels comfortably amazing to them.

Over the past few years I've been hearing similar complaints from my clients on the difficulties of dressing their changing bodies.  

It's added a whole new level of styling confusion that we just didn't need!

That's why I decided to put this mini-course together - it's very simply designed to help you to dress one area of your body that's giving you the most grief.  

Simply, concisely and in a supportive way with other women like us.

Joining me?

Where's my Waist
  • How long will it take me to get through this course?
    Hmm, that very much depends on how much concentrated time you give it! You could work through it over a few hours in one binge-sitting, or you could spread it out and read all the information and listen to all the videos over the course of a couple of weeks. How long it will take is really up to you.
  • How long do I get access?
    Once you've downloaded the course, you'll have it for as long as it's saved on your computer!
You pay $99 AUD
(for over $800 worth of value)

A one-off payment of $99 (AUD) gets you:

  • Over thirty short videos

  • Access to me for 10 consecutive days of the course

  • Access to the Where's my Waist? private Facebook page

  • Four separate Workbooks to cement your learnings

  • A supportive community of other women who are struggling with the same dressing issues as you.

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