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Discover your personal colours and style and change the way you feel about your body - all in one transformational weekend!
for your style and your mind

Your hosts

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Kate Bird
Personal Colour & Image Stylist


Mahsa Anderson
Counselling Psychologist

Who is Change for?

This course is for you if ...
  • You're a woman between the ages of 40 and 140.

  • You've ever looked in the mirror and wondered what happened to the body you were familiar with and always knew how to dress.

  • You feel like everything's changing: Your mind; your attitude; your body; your energy-level; your mood; your friends; your partner; your children; your lifestyle; etc, etc, etc!  

  • You find that sometimes you'd rather hide under the duvet than have to go get dressed to go out socially.

  • Your wardrobe looks like a sea of black, grey and neutrals (but mostly black).

  • You feel really down on yourself for carrying extra kilos and not being able to fit into half the clothes in your wardrobe.

  • You're sick of being invisible.  You know you have so much to offer; why can't people see that.

  • You've regretfully sacrificed looking good for comfort.  And, as far as you can tell, comfort is just another word for frumpy.

  • You wish you could get out of self-disappointment mode and walk with a spring in your step again.

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After I had my kids, I couldn't really work out what to do with my new body.
I became a Mum and suddenly I didn't know what to wear!  Doing this (with Kate) makes you feel confident and good about the body you have right now

Emily.  Bassendean, WA.
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Oh no! 
Is this you right now..?

You don't want to look like your daughter, but you don't want to look like your mother either.  Mutton and lamb come to mind and you live in fear that you're either doing one or the other.


Peri-menopause or full-on menopause has really thrown a spanner in your bodily works.  

You HATE seeing pictures of yourself!  You feel frumpy, self-critical and don't feel good in anything you wear 


You KNOW you should be loving and accepting the body you have, but you can't seem to convince your mind of that.

You feel like you just blend in, are overlooked and have lost your self-worth.  You wonder if you look like every other middle-aged woman out there.

Your wardrobe is full of orphans (clothes that don't seem to go with anything else). 

don't even know what your personal style is.  You question whether you even have one?  Nothing feels RIGHT.

Mahsa has a gentle but practical approach.  When I worked with her as my wellbeing coach, she really listened to my concerns, and my hopes.  She worked with me to set out a clear ‘map’ that I could easily navigate to live the kind of life I wanted.   Mahsa provided me with loads of strategies that I could use to overcome my internal barriers to wellbeing.  I really had the sense that this was my plan, rather than a cookie cut program.  For the first time in my life, I had a well-supported plan that was easy to stick to and actually worked.

Nikki, Western Australia


What if we could take you from this:
  • Feeling like you've lost sight of yourself.

  • Fearing your self-confidence has become a very fragile part of you.

  • Feeling really down on yourself when you think of dressing your body.

And Change you to this:
  • Feeling proud and confident to be you. 

  • Walking with your head held high and wearing clothes that make you feel strong and happy.

  • Benefiting from your exercises in self-care and new beliefs that you love working on. 

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Change (your look and your mind) is a weekend amongst

the majestic trees of Denmark in the south/west

of Western Australia.   

By the end of the Change weekend you will have:

  • Discovered the colours you can wear that make you look more youthful, healthier and more confident.  And you'll know how to wear them in clothes, makeup and glasses. 

  • Learned how to dress your body shape and proportions, whatever your size or shape.  And how to dress with more confidence so that you can stand tall and feel proud of who you are.

  • Created the personal style that feels right for you and your unique personality.

  • Enjoyed two delicious lunches, morning teas and one afternoon tea in the company of other wonderful like-minded women.

  • Stretched in a gentle Yoga movement session designed to awaken your body, mind and soul.

  • Explored some personal journalling to enhance the quality of your relationship with your body.

  • Indulged in some self-compassion meditation to help you make space for all your thoughts and feelings.

  • Experienced reverence and wonder on a serene Awe Walk amonst the magestic Karri trees, whilst journalling your thoughts and feelings for a true sense of self.

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Payment Options

Note: Because we want to make this course equally as accessible to everyone, the up-front payment and the in-installments payments equate to exactly the same amount.

Change is different from any other course on the market because...

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There is no other course like it (that we're aware of) that brings together the experience and expertise of a qualified Stylist AND a professional Counselling Psychologist to help women to learn how to dress themselves whilst addressing their fears and negative self-talk.

Just imagine how that will work!

Dressing your body isn't just about choosing the most flattering colours and styles for you.  It's also about helping your mind to understand, accept and embrace the body you have.  And, most importantly, to align your true personality with your personal style.

It's the psychology of your personal style.

Whether you're a fancy-frocks-and-frippery kind of gal, or more of a flip-flops-and-cut-offs chick, there is no right or wrong way for you to dress.

This fun, supportive and change-creating course is for you if you don't feel confident in your clothes. 

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Weekend Oveview
Saturday 11th March
Yoga Movement & Journalling

Saturday will begin with a gentle movement session to awaken your body, mind and soul.  


Bring your yoga mat or if you don’t have one, let us know and we’ll provide one for you. 


We will conclude the morning session with a reflective journalling session.  Journaling enhances the qualities of the most important relationship – the relationship with yourself.


We'll all kick back and relax over an indulgent platter of colourfully nutritiously healthy food. A sight to behold - as well as deliciously nourishing.

And if you have any special dietary requirements, just let us know and we'll make sure you're catered for.

Pt 2. How to Dress your Body Shape & Proportions

You'll learn about prints, patterns and the sizes of accessories to best suit your body.

And what about necklines? You'll find out which shapes will flatter you the most, and where should you place them?

Pt 1. Transform yourself
with Colour

You'll see the difference that wearing the right colours can make to you.

I'll analyse your skintone and features and show you the range of colours that will look great on you.

You'll know which are your neutrals, and your wow factor colours - and how to wear them in outfits.

You'll also learn which make up, glasses and hair dye colours make you look more youthful.


Self-compassion meditation – post lunch, this meditation session will provide you with skills to make some space between you and your thoughts and feelings. 


This is a space that is abundant with self-kindness and compassion.

Break for Morning Tea

After the first half of Transform yourself with Colour, we'll break to 'powder our noses', have a drink of something hot or cold, and a light and healthy snack to keep us going until lunchtime.

Pt 1. How to Dress your Body Shape & Proportions

You'll get to know your own unique body shape and which clothing styles flatter it.

You'll get to know your vertical proportions to understand where to end hems of skirts, jackets, tops, sleeves and trousers, for better visual balance. 

Pt 2. Transform yourself with Colour

You'll take a deeper dive into your swatch of colours understand how to combine your colours in oufits.


​You'll learn how to use colour to help give the illusion of balancing or slimming your body shape.​

How to take your swatch clothes shopping to save money and time.

And we'll end on how you can wear your colours to truly reflect your personality.

Break & Afternoon Tea

Another break, another powdering of your nose, answering text messages and emails - as well as a drink and healthy snack to keep you going til the end!

Sunday 12th March
'Awe Walk' amongst the Karri trees

You'll start Sunday morning with an ‘awe’ walk – this is a walking meditation and journalling. 


Science tells us that the experience of awe – feelings of reverence and wonder – is good for us. 


Come on an awe walk with us in the beautiful Karri reserve near Retreat venue.

Pt 1. Create your own Personal Style

You'll dig down into your own unique values, personality, and lifestyle to discover a style that's perfectly aligned with all elements of you.

You'll learn the secret language of clothes - and what YOUR clothes might be saying about you behind your back.


Morning Tea

After the first half of Create your own Personal Style, we'll break to 'powder our noses', have a drink of something hot or cold, and a light and healthy snack to keep us going until the end.

Pt 2. Create your own Personal Style

You'll discover your own Style Archetype and understand how knowing this information will make choosing clothes so much easier.

Then you'll put together a collection of images that will be a creation of your own unique style.


A wrap-up of the weekend will be marked by another deliciously nourishing platter of mixed meats, breads, nuts, fruits and other delicacies.

After this lunch with your new friends, you can return home or to the shops to apply your newly discovered stylish expertise.


Located in the stunning country town of Denmark in Western Australia,
this venue is just 53 kms from Albany, and 420 kms from Perth.

We'll have this whole beautiful private house ourselves over the weekend.  

We'll use the main areas of the house, but also have use of the kitchen and bathrooms -
as well and the bedrooms if you feel the need for some time to yourself.

Please note that this weekend doesn't include overnight accommodation.

Kate's personality and humour make you want to return for more.

Natalie. Busselton


About Us

I'm Kate

Over the past nine years I've helped literally hundreds of women with their personal image and style.

I've rejoiced with (sometimes weeping) women as they've begun to see how wearing certain colours changes their complexion and knocks years off them.  Or how wearing particular styles of clothing flatters their body shape and makes them feel like dancing in front of the mirror.

As an overweight, menopausal woman, everything I do comes from a place of fun, compassion and a sense of we're-all-in-this-together.

I work from the Colour me Kate Frock Shop, my ladies' consignment-boutique in Darlington, Perth Hills.

A bit of trivia about me:

  • I'm really very introverted and am often in bed by 9pm. (Shhh!)

  • As a young teen, I was expelled from my convent boarding school.

  • I'm a strong believer that a good cup of tea can solve practically anything.

  • I'm so crap in the kitchen I have even been known to burn an egg.

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I'm Mahsa 

I am a counselling psychologist and mental health and wellbeing coach. 

I have over 22 years of experience in providing gentle, compassionate and authentic therapy. 

I have also recently become fully certified Lifestyle Medicine psychologist which means that I will work with you to tailor individualised, easy to navigate wellbeing plans filled with evidence-based tools that are easy to implement and very practical.  

I am especially interested in the relationship between self-limiting beliefs and wellbeing and will work hard to help you overcome internal and external obstacles. 

If you are struggling with your overall health and vitality, I get you.  I have been there myself.  Together we can set your path towards wellbeing.


A bit of trivia about me:

  • I used to hate exercise, now it is one of the greatest joys of my life.

  • I was born in Iran and came to Australia as a refugee child

  • I regularly hug trees


  • I have learnt to prioritize time.

Mahsa under rainbow umbrella.jpg

Now, let's imagine...

You get up in the morning and know exactly what you're going to wear today. 


You feel so good about yourself. 


You're ready to leave the house - and you don't care who sees you. 


In fact, you hope everyone sees you!

You know how to banish any negative self-talk and embrace all that's good in your life.

You love what you're wearing; the colours are beautiful and you just know you'll receive a compliment or two today!  

You've noticed that other people have started to react to you differently now. You feel a sense of respect from them.  You feel it for yourself too. 

You're really looking forward to the rest of your life now!

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Sign me up!
  • How long will it take me to get through this course?
    Hmm, that very much depends on how much concentrated time you give it! You could work through it over a few hours in one binge-sitting, or you could spread it out and read all the information and listen to all the videos over the course of a couple of weeks. How long it will take is really up to you.
  • How long do I get access?
    Once you've downloaded the course, you'll have it for as long as it's saved on your computer!
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Kate Bird
Personal Colour & Image Stylist

Colour me Kate

2 Montrose Avenue

Darlington, Western Australia

0402 039 261

Copyright: 2023.

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Mahsa Anderson

Counselling Psychologist

Denmark, Western Australia


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