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Are you wearing the right colour hair?

Johanna Griggs has changed her hair colour. But does it suit her?

I've been watching House Rules recently.  I didn't mean to.  I just got sucked in.

But whilst watching, I've found myself unable to take my eyes off presenter, Johanna Griggs.  She's a gorgeous woman and a great television personality, but when the camera's on her, I can't concentrate on what she's saying.  Her new hair colour is SO distracting!

Now, I have grappled with myself on whether to chat about this publicly because it feels really mean to talk negatively about someone who is probably a lovely person.  Unfortunately for Johanna Griggs, she's a great example of how the wrong hair colour can work against you.

Not sure what I mean? 

Just look at the photo above. This is a recent photo of Johanna with her new warm, reddish blonde hair colour.

And this is a photo (below) of Johanna with her more familiar cool blonde hair colour.

See what I mean?  Your eye is drawn away from Johanna's beautiful face and up to her hair in the first photo.  And when you're so distracted, you stop listening to what the person is saying and start focusing on the distraction.

The second photo of Johanna is perfect. Her hair colour flatters Johanna's cool skin tone and bright eyes, enabling us to focus on her eyes and concentrate on what she's saying.

Switching to a hair colour that doesn't suit your complexion also makes choosing clothing colours more difficult. 


Do you choose clothes to suit your hair colour?  Or do you use the warmth or coolness of your skin tone to guide your clothing decisions?  Either way, something's not going to look right.  Unless you choose a universally flattering colour like teal - as Johanna has in the first photo above - your colours aren't going to work well for you.

If you'd like to know more about hair colours and which colours might suit you, you might be interested in one of my How to Wear Colour Workshops, or Private Colour Consultations.

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