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If you're local to me (Perth Hills, Western Australia) we have the added benefit of working together in person, as opposed to on line.

Come on up to my shop in Darlington and we'll spend a good couple of hours together exploring your personal colouring and/or style.

Working from my shop means we get to play with all the colourful and stylish clothes on consignment that are in stock.  Yay!!!

The only question you now have to ask yourself is whether you're going to learn about your best colours AND/OR your body shape and personal style!

Scroll down to check out your options.

Dress my Business Colour me Kate

How are you looking in your business?

Does this sound like you:  You're a woman in small business, and have been running your beloved business for a little while now. 


You've invested in professional photography once before, but you sigh when you think back at the images you received.  They're just not you.  And they really don't reflect the value you offer in your business.

Quite frankly, you think, it's easier to hide behind your business and stay in the background.

You don't know where to start when it comes to dressing for your business to start attracting those elusive perfect clients.

Let's get your Colours done!

Do you know which colours make you look younger and healthier?


Did you know that black is only slimming if it's a colour that suits you in the first place?  (There's probably a black-alternative that would be more flattering on you.)


Do you have trouble choosing a flattering hair colour?

What about buying make-up; do you always get the colours right?

Colour me Kate colour consultation
Colour me Kate style consultation

Let's work on your Style

Do you know where your hemlines should sit?

Do your clothes suit your personality?

Do you know the best style of trousers/dress/jacket for your body shape?

Would you like to actually enjoy the clothes you wear?

Shall we be friends?

I promise you'll be the first to see my What's Hot in the Shop videos - and hear ALL my other goss!

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