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Colour me Kate services
What would you like help with?
Private Consults
just you and me

You might prefer to learn about your colours, body shape

and/or personal style just between the two of us instead of
being part of a group.. 


I understand


Discussing your wardrobe can be personal and it's
completely understandable that you might not want

to share this information as part of a group.  

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday mornings


Weekend and Public Holiday afternoons



Prices include personal colour swatches and your own printed workbook.  Sessions run for around two hours from the
privacy of my Frock Shop (which will be closed to customers)..

Private Colour
Colour Analysis

Having a colour analysis is going to blow your mind! 


Well, maybe not literally, but it will certainly help you look more youthful, healthier and more confident.  And it will improve your clothes shopping experience. 

On a Private Colour Consultation, you'll learn valuable style-hacks such as:

  • How to draw attention up to your face

  • Which colours make your skin glow

  • Which colours make your eyes 'pop'

  • How to look taller and slimmer - or shorter and curvier

  • How to wear colour to reflect your personality or mood

  • Hot to choose make-up and hair colours to flatter you

Weekday - $357(includes swatch)

Weekends & Pub Hols - $415 (includes swatch)

Colour me Kate colour analysis
Colour me Kate dressing your body shape
Dressing your Body Shape & Proportions

Get clear and focused on dressing your body shape, vertical proportions and the bits you love to hate.  This session covers:

  • Figuring out your body shape and how to dress it.

  • Your vertical proportions and how to dress for good visual balance.

  • Choosing the right size and shape in prints and patterns. 

  • Necklines and which ones look best on you.

  • Hemlines of skirts, trousers, sleeves, tops and jackets and where to place them.  

  • How to dress your specific problem areas.


Weekday - $327 (includes notes)

Weekends & Pub Hols - $395 (includes notes)

Private Body Shape
your own Personal Style

This session begins by establishing your unique values, personality, and lifestyle so that we can create (or rediscover) a style that's perfectly aligned with all elements of you.  This session includes:​

  • Why you're drawn to some clothing styles, but can't stand others.

  • Why it's important to dress in alignment with your personality.

  • The secret language of your clothes and what they're saying about you (behind your back!).

  • About your Style Archetype and how that will help you when you're out shopping for clothes.

  • How to create outfits that you will love to wear.


Weekdays - $327 (includes notes).

Weekends & Pub Hols- $395 (includes notes).

Colour me Kate creating your own personal style
Pesonal Style
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