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Style on line

An on line Style consultation is broken up into two, one hour Zoom sessions.  (Although this doesn't include the fun I have working on your consultation over the time we're not on line together!)

And once you've completed your on line consultations, you'll be invited to join my secret Facebook Group: The Colour me Kate Private Dressing Room.  This is where you can experiment with all that you've learned in a safe and supportive environment.

Scroll down to check out the step by step process of how the on line Style consultations work.

Duration:  Two to three hours.

Cost:  $275 (includes notes)

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You get in touch and we figure out a date and time for our first Zoom session.

I get a chance to find out bit more about you and why you're wanting to make this booking.  What is it about your style that you're having trouble with?

Then I send you an email giving you step-by-step instructions on some pre-homework I'd like you to do in preparation for our first Zoom hook-up.




Now we're on Zoom together, we spend this first session digging deep into your personal style.  (Yes, you do have one!)

The pre-homework that you have sent me will really help us to discover your aesthetic likes and dislikes.  We also take your lifestyle into consideration here. 

By the end of this session, you will have a much clearer vision of how you would like to look - and how to achieve it.



I email you to recap on everything we uncovered in our first Zoom session.

This email also includes more step-by-step instructions on the next piece of pre-homework I'd like you to complete before our second Zoom session.

A date is set for us to hook-up over Zoom again.



Now that we're on our second Zoom session together, we can talk all about the physical aspects of you and how to dress them for a more flattering look.

We look at your silhouette, vertical proportions, necklines, balance points, hemlines, face shape, body 'bits', and size of patterns and accessories.  

Understanding all these aspects will help you to be able to choose more flattering styles for yourself.

And finally, we can merge the information we've discovered today, with your style personality we uncovered on our first Zoom session, so that you actually look forward to choosing outfits and getting dressed each morning.

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