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How to Style
Your Body

Join others on a scheduled half day Style Workshop. 


Generally held at the Colour me Kate Frock Shop in Darlington, you'll be one of up to five ladies learning how to style your body.


On this workshop you'll learn:

  • How to identify your body shape

  • How to look for clothing styles to suit you

  • How to dress to suit your unique personality

  • How to dress the vertical proportions of your body

  • How to choose the right size and shape accessories

  • Which necklines will suit you best

  • Where your hemlines should end

  • Which sleeve lengths are best for you

  • What sort of hairstyle would suit your face shape

  • What shape of glasses would suit you

  • How to inject some current trends into your style

A fun and interactive few hours, at the end of this workshop you'll be itching to hit the shops with your new-found knowledge.

This is a cost efficient way of learning about your Style at just $175 per person.

To book, just click on one of the links below to secure your place on a workshop date that is most convenient for you.

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