Business Package

The Business Package literally takes you from where you are right now, through to the other end of your branding photo shoot.  Imagine how amazing your website, social media and other marketing materials could look ...!

You'll go from understanding the colours that suit you and applying them to your business, to looking at clothing styles that communicate the right message for the personality of your business - all the way to the end of your amazing photo shoot.

You get to customise this package, depending upon the elements you need.  

  • An exploration into your business, your ideal client and YOU.

  • Full colour analysis to find colours that make you look amazing - and those that will draw in your ideal client.

  • Disovery (or creation) of your unique Style Personality and what clothes are communicating to your audience.

  • Understanding your body shape and proportions and best to dress it for your most flattering look.

  • Full camera-ready makeup by my professional makeup artist.

  • A flattering wash, cut and blowdry by my professional hairstylist.

  • Your photo shoot.  I will create a story-board with you and my professional branding photographers to ensure a selection of photos that are completely YOU and your business.   (On site at your premises, or in a professional studio.  Includes 10 photos from your shoot. More may be purchased.)

Which elements will you choose ...?


Let's chat to make sure you get exactly what you need.  

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"Colourful, fun, kind and very clever.


(Kate) takes you from hating to have your photos done and being self-conscious about what you wear when it comes to networking, photos and as the face of your business.  She helps you see what suits you as far as shapes and styles and colours go, and then gets you ready for a photo shoot.


Because I don’t have a physical product, I needed photos that weren't stock images.  I said to Kate that I wasn’t sure where to go from my last photo shoot, which I really liked the style of, but I needed a lot more images.


I put some outfits together and sent photos to her.  We had a look at them all and worked out what worked and what didn’t and how the whole look worked in with my USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and brand.

She has fabulous photographers who she then briefed - so all the stuff that I wasn't sure what to do with - just magically happened on it's own. Then she came with me on the day, held my hand and guided the process as far as poses and accessories, so that we ended up with the right kinds of images to use in the right kinds of places.


Honestly, if you’re dreading getting photos done, or if you’ve done ‘version one’ and you try not to think about them too much, then something like this is just fabulous."