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A multi-step online program for introverted, female solopreneurs who want to show up online in a way that feels comfortable and is totally aligned with your business branding.  
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One Sassy Bird

This is for you: a slightly uncomfortable female solopreneur who wants to show up as the confident face of her business in a way that sets her apart.  

Imagine having a personal brand so captivating and so very YOU, that your dream clients are stopped in their tracks wondering how they might get to work with you.  

This package will transform how you look in your business - and in your life in general!

Come and take my hand and I'll walk you through the steps to this unique program. 

Step 1

Let's explore your business.  What do you stand for?  Who are you?  Who are your ideal clients?  How do you want to be perceived in your business?

Step 2

Full personal colour analysis.  Which colours make you look amazing?  How can you wear your best colours in makeup, hair dye, glasses and in complete outfits?  Which colours will 'speak' to your ideal clients?  

Step 3

Let's discover (or create) your own unique personal style.  What are you drawn to?  What are your clothes saying about you?  What outfit styles will best represent you in your business?

Step 4

Understand your body shape and proportions.  Which styles of clothing will be most flattering?  Where should you end your hemlines?  What's your best neckline?  And a whole lot more!

Step 5

Time to prepare for your Branding Photo Shoot.  Let's go through your outfits.  What are you going to wear?  Do you need to go shopping?  How are you going to wear them?  Which shots will you wear them in?  And have you thought about your 'props'?

Step 6


Full camera-ready makeup applied by my professional makeup artist, Vanessa.

Step 7

A flattering wash, cut and blowdry by my professional hair stylist, Lisa.

Step 8


Time for your photo shoot.  Choose whether you want the shoot on site at your business or in a photographic studio.  And I'll be with you so you're feeling really comfortable and confident.

Step 9

A few days later:  Let's debrief.  How are you feeling?  Is there anything you'd like me to follow up on?

Your photos will arrive very soon now. 
So exciting!

Colourful, fun, kind and very clever.


Kate takes you from hating to have your photo taken and feeling self-conscious, to networking, and being the face of your business. 


Because I don’t have a physical product, I needed photos that weren't stock images.  I had told Kate that I wasn’t sure where to go after my last photo shoot.  I had liked the style of them, I needed a lot more images for my business.


Kate helped me to understand which colours and clothing styles looked great on me.  Then I put some outfits together and sent photos to her and we worked out what worked and what didn’t, and how the whole look worked in with my USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and brand.

She then briefed her fabulous photographers and everything just seemed to magically happened on it's own.


Kate came with me on the day, held my hand and guided me the process as far as poses and accessories, so that we ended up with the right kinds of images to use in the different areas of my business.


Honestly, if you’re dreading getting photos done, or if you’ve done ‘version one’ and you try not to think about them too much, then something like this is just fabulous."

Sandy Taylor, The Small Business Marketing Coach,
Mt Helena, WA.

Sandy Taylor The Small Business Marketing Coach
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